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(PINT) PintCoin
Turn your beer into Tokens!


Earn Rewards for Drinking Beer, Playing Games and Socializing!

The First Decentralized Craft Beer Community

A community for everyone who enjoys beer, mining blocks, playing games, watching videos and maybe even taken one or more of these passions a little too far.......

Well...even if thats not you and are just curious.... you're also welcome to join our adventure into the future of block-chain technology. you can even found you own community and watch it grow!!

The PintCoin community, where all the hard work and time you've dedicated is now rewarded. Earn PINT for reviewing breweries, tasting delicious beers, voting on the latest Sports events or Just about anything else you want to do..... How great does that sound ? !.

Development on Ethereum & EOS Blockchains

PintHaus Auctions

PINT can be used in Pint House Auctions for digital assets, community merchandise and other exclusive products or community members item sales.

PintCoin Promotional Airgrab

We want to share PintCoin with the world and will be giving out the oppertunity to earn free PINT to all early registrations. The first round registrations will be starting with the launch of the Pint Mining DApp.

Decentralized Beer‘Tainment

The PINT Rewards lotto is only the tip of the block-chain ice-berg, PINT will also support our Dapp network designed to liberate creators, gamers, and beer drinkers from all the existing centralized censorship and restrictions they have grown accustom to.

Why PintCoin?

This project is an oppertunity to push the limits of what a decentralized community can become, a venture to create a self-sustaining social environment. A place where anyone can grow, create and contribute in a varity of entertaining ways, all decentralized. Security is number one and the decision has been made to focus the launch on the Ethereum blockchain, plans will continue to also provide EOS support and spread the reach of all communities.

Safe And Secure

PintCoin is implementing community tested and supported blockchain technology, to ensure users enjoy a stable platform with safe and secure transactions. The popular Ethereum and EOSIO block-chains were selected during our pilot testing, These two block-chains are well supported and both have the flexibility needed for our project. Selecting the best technology possible is crucial to the success of PintCoin by providing minimal security risk while also allowing other developers to join in seamlessly to support the PINT network. As the community and demand grows, our plan will be to start development of PintChain and migrate over to a customized platform.

PintCoin Donation Fund

PintCoin is self-funded and is currently absorbing all expenses. Donations to PintCoin are greatly appreciated. Pintcoin is in early stages and development is moving rapidly to get the first Dapp released. Thank you for supporting the development. A special ingame asset will be a thank you gift to those who also donate.


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Block-Tower News & Updates

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If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry.

Satoshi Nakamoto

UPDATE : bumpy end of year and a swift kick in the nuts has set the project back, we are pushing forward!

Pintcoin 1.15.19

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”

Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

The market is down and theres blood in the water, things can only get better from here...#fingerscrossed


Targeted release missed, however we are working on incorporating a staking system for exisiting tokens, this should get interesting


I will eat my d–k’ if I lose $500K Bitcoin bet

John McAfee, founder of McAfee antivirus software
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Get Free Tokens - Promo Event Starts Soon!

We have created an exciting and fun way to start off the Pintcoin community! In the final stages of develoment is the communities first decentralized game, more specific details will be released after... well.... we make sure we have our ducks in a row. The first Dapp will include an auction house and marketplace, ingame digital assets that are yours to stake or remove from the game into a supported wallet, and most importantly.... You will have the ability to earn pintcoins!! There will be other ways to obtain pintcoins however this will be the foundation of how pointcoins are distributed, exciting stuff ahead...updates are to come. This will be the begining to much more entertainment and Social Dapps, all fueled by pintcoin. PintCoin will not hold an ICO or sell tokens for investment purposes. WWG1WGA

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